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The lack of advanced research drives to financial aberations

Liviu Popa-Simil la 7 Ianuarie 2009, ora 18:30
The lack of advanced research drives to financial aberations
What happens now on Wall Street is not new; New is only its magnitude.
If someone looks into stock market trends (first; second derivatives) and looks for correlation factors will see that by 2006 the globalization reached the margins of the planet, a information wave started form New-York in interfering by itself in future in the next 24 h as NY being at lambda/2 in information space from itself...and collected the "inversion of population" information it induced into the planetary system, creating a noise of sub criticality (see lasers processes) into itself. In fact If you deconvolute the function of propagation - you will see that the imaginary part is so important as system (see Nayquist) oscillates by itself. Now, imaginary money, imaginary friends are equivalent to fictious capital - the problem is how low is the real capital and how high we can fly without engines....Well ? Doesn�t matter, even if we are falling what maters is the customer's satisfaction, so make it spin fast the plane to create the feeling of gravity in ascension - That is known for more than 1 century - Ponzi � a obsolete scheme that works as long is largely supported, and keeps the organizers and the supporters happy, for a while, and that is why as in any American business the exit schemes being more important than the business itself. Without being a �rocket science� it is clear the government implication, at various levels with various, non- charity contributions�the difficult point is to learn who and what�.
The point finally is why does it happens � and to learn that may go in history at gold k-waves and you will learn that the gold winter was there, and a war was needed to make it spin � and it was baptized � terror � details are irrelevant, but what the people in charge ignored was a modern �Trojan Horse� application, designed and performed before 89, a project more brilliant than Pentagon�s fore secretary �transformation�. A project that made US feels winner based on simple wrong explanation �Star Wars�, but become self-sufficient and lose the zero on compass. What means that � look in the DoE, DoD, NSF criteria for acceptance of the new ideas � where the Idea ends counting less than 5% from the overall appreciation � and if honestly applying these Project management rules inappropriately implemented here it drives to �more of the same�, same people, low risk projects, smooth spending, low budget, driving for a easy bureaucratic minimal accountability life�Well, don�t you see US in the last 20 years?
Now as result of these schemes of government spending the business community was not happy with step by little step progress in real economy and in their greediness they gambled for more, and they have been very inventive � but disconnected to the realities�they even modified predictable mathematics and physics rules to extract profit from poorness, ignoring the cyclic nature of the overall process under the rules of nature and common sense. Now to see the distance between the two economies, make the US GDP in gold, and you will learn about an entanglement � US economy worth now in gold as its worth by 1980th. If you will look to globalization, you will easy understand as tax cuts for rich was a double hit to US because, no rich guy is so stupid to put money in a doomed economy, but invest overseas, where they return something more. So, the US fundaments were depleted from its own funds that created abroad an excess of competitiveness. The solution from this is near Socialism, but this kind of society is highly prone to a specific corruption, that made it fail by 89. That means there is a very narrow way to get out of this mess, with very limited resources, and this is �Advanced Research to regain the super-competitively � mainly in energy field, because the new BIG exam for the planet coming soon fast will be � The Ecologic Exam � pass it and will be OK, or fail it and drop under Middle Age survival parameters. Please, those who succeed to read up to here, think about, and bring your help to pass this exam.

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