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Intrebari despre Forex

Carmen Drobota la 12 August 2008, ora 20:56
Intrebari despre Forex
Buna seara! As vrea sa stiu ce firme lucreaza cu Forex, ce comision au si care este suma minima pentru deschiderea unui cont.

Igor Ursenco la 13 August 2008, ora 23:54
Why Currency Trades Are Cheaper Than Stock or Commodity Trades. What Fees You Have to Pay in the Forex Market. When you invest in any financial market, you're charged for doing business. However, exactly how much you're charged and how you pay changes with each market.
For example, to invest in stocks, you will pay three fees each time you enter and exit a stock trade. The first fee you have to pay is the commission to your stock broker in exchange for his services.
The next fee you have to pay is the market maker's fee. You're actually paying the broker for matching you (the buyer) up with a seller. This is called the "market making spread." Finally, your broker will charge a sell commission when you sell your stock and convert the money back into cash.
In commodities you are typically charged a "round-turn" commission. This means that you will be charged once when you're buying a commodity, but you won't be charged again when you're selling. However, you also have to pay the "market making spread" the market maker charges. So you pay two fees each time you buy and sell a commodity.
A Single Fee vs. Two or Three Fees
However, in Spot Forex (aka. the FX or currency market), you typically pay only one fee when you buy. You don't pay anything when you close out the order by selling it.
That was the best news I heard when I switched from stocks to currencies.
Fees are important because naturally, you want to pay the least for each trade so you can afford to invest more often. However, that's just not possible if your trading account is eaten up by fees.
This is especially helpful to an active trader who may trade 20 to 100 times or so a month. Imagine the fees they save by trading Forex instead of stocks! It's huge!
So how is this one fee applied in the Forex market? Like stock or commodity trades, you're charged the "market making spread." As I said, this spread is the difference between the buy and sell quote.
It's fairly simple to figure out the spread

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