Simobi, RTC’s real estate division, controlled by businessman Octavian Radu, will keep its plans to deliver one project per year, even if the growth pace slowed down in real estate industry.

At present, Real Estate division of RTC is developing Theresianum project, located in Terezian neighborhood in Sibiu, now following to select the construction company for next project, that will be emplaced in Bucharest, where the construction works will star this year.

“RTC keeps plans under wrap for Real Estate division in the following three years. We will deliver Theresanium project in Sibiu in 2009, then residential project in Fizicienilor area to continue afterwards with the office building in Bucurestii Noi. The investments in Sibiu will be resumed after the three deliveries,” said Mariana Radu, Riombi’s CEO.

Theresianum includes 120 apartments which is scheduled to be delivered in October 2009, the investment amounting to EUR 7 million. Project located in Fizicienilor street will include 135 apartments on 15 overground floors, and three underground floors, following a EUR 16 million investment.

“The third project will be an office building in Bucurestii Noi, which is to receive the construction permit. For this project we estimate a EUR 15-17 million investment,” Rimoby repesentative said.

Former European Cultural Capital, Sibiu underwent a thriving path on rsidential developments segment, the average price price for new dwellings ranging between EUR 870 and 1,100 per sqm, accordign to EuroEst real estate agency,

“At this point, there are approximately 12-13 residential projects announced to be delivered in Sibiu. Obviously, prices soared, especially last year, due to Sibiu statute as Cultural Capital, but thing will get on their normal track” Mihai Tiepac, Project Manager with EuroEst said.

EuroEst was appointed exclusive agent to lead the sale process of Theresanium, four two-rooms apartments being contracted until now, whereas the promotion campaign starts in October.

“Initially, we framed a 97-apartments blueprint, but the demand in Sibiu is lower for three-rooms apartments and we decided to repartition the project. We shifted three-room apartments into studio apartments and two-rooms apartments, instead of 97 dwellings, there will be 120 dwellings on same surface” Mariana Radu added.

Prices for apartments within Theresanium cost EUR 800/sqm, yet prices are expected to increase, as the the construction stages move forth. Moreover, Rimobi intends on expanding the compound after it relocates activity of Flaro plant. In this purpose, the company has recently acquired a 4 hectare land parcel in Sura Mica, Sibiu.

Mariana Radu is heading RTC’s Real Estate division since late 2004. She was previously Development Manager for Diverta – south west region.

Translated and adapted by Camelia Oancea.

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