BenQ Romania, local subsidiary of Taiwan-based electronics juggernaut, forecasts similar turnover as 2007 due to financial crisis that dented business growth pace.

According to last year’s earning report, the company registered 21 million euros turnover, while earlier this year, the producer forecasted a 30% growth up to 28 million euros.

“If in first quarter market growth was mildly affected by international turmoil, we forecast gloomy performances in the second half, which will affect market growth pace. In this context, BenQ Romania aims at keeping a turnover equivalent to 2007,” stated for Wall-Street, Mike Borze, CEE Managing Director BenQ Austria.

According to him, the final two quarters contribute 50%-60% to the annual turnover.

On projectors segment, company sold 6,700 units, up 6% from last year’s similar interval. In second quarter, company posted a 28% market share, down from Q1.

“Projectors industry in Romania underwent an upside path in first quarter this year, when BenQ was market leader by far covering 47% of the market. In the following quarter BenQ’s market share slid to 28%,” Mike Borze added.

Second and third quarter outcomes went downwards, after all major producers downgraded outlooks for yearend, dented by global financial crisis, as users failed to invest more in electronics, according to BenQ representative.

Half of BenQ Romania’s turnover is covered by flat-screen TV sets sale volume

“Most of the company’s income is covered by LCD-based products. In Romania, LCD monitors segment covers 50% of the company’s turnover, followed by projectors - 15% share, notebooks – 20%, photo cameras - 11% and 4% coming from peripherals and storage devices,” Mike Borze stated.

Translated and adapted by Camelia Oancea.

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