How to turn a passion into a business?

We’ve wondered many times, and no matter how hard we try, we’ve hardly found the answer. At this point, there are many business patterns that proving that as long as you really want to accomplish something, it takes impulse and instinct to start up a successful business.

Thus, Internet business and sports club emerged, and so did London Club, one of the best known billiard clubs in Bucharest. “I watched the world’s snooker championship on TV, and I started being very drawn to it, therefore I started the business plan, and grew in three years time enough to become a well known player on the market,” says Florin Udriste, head of the billiard club.

The initial investment amounted nearly 150,000 euros, and the amount geared a major turnover for a start-up: half million euros in 2007. For this year, the billiard club aims at reaching its all-time high on the market and to raise turnover by 10%.

“This is the standard level that London Club can achieve, and this is because there is a maximum baized-covered tables number played on according to space that we can provide and a settled daily interval,” Udriste added. As for profit, summer months trigger one third of overall annual revenue.

The tables are rented, mostly during the whole day, starting 9 am until 3 am.

Udriste has recently invested 10,000 euros in his billiard club setting up a booth specially fitted with a snooker table for clients who need special focus on the game.

A billiard table’s price starts from 1,000 euros. Billiard tables in London cost approximately 3,000 euros and a cue like those in London Club located in Lahovari square costs almost 100 euros.

“You can surely have 8,000 euro-worth billiard tables in a club, but you can put up this kind of tables at clients’ disposal, considering that in on day, ten different consumers can use the same table, who are whether professionals or clients who have never played billiards before,” head of billiard club explained.

For Udriste, the baized-covered tables must be solid, taking into account the daily clients flow, and also well-designed. The baized covering of tables must have high-quality. Upholstered with baize “Iwan Simonis” 860 colour apple green, the cloth is used in almost all big competitions.

There are almost 10,000 clients monthly, which means a monthly flow average of 8,000 clients and 90,000 clients yearly.

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