“The gap between companies’ values and absurd lows on the market and panic sentiments lead to a stock rout and therefore we witness sessions with skyrocketing volatility,” Gabriel Necula, deputy manager at Prime Transaction stated for Wall-Street.

However, liquidity rose compared to last period, transactions on BSE’s regulated stock market amounting to 39.93 million lei. At Rasdaq investors’ placements rose to 2.93 million.

BET index that gauges the performance of ten most traded shares listed at BSE dropped 1.72%, while composite BET-C dropped 0.82%.

25 most liquid stocks whose evolution is assessed by BET-XT index lost 3.01% while BET-NG index in the energy field segment slid 3.84%.

Financial investment companies underwent a mixed and extremely volatile performance. At around 13:30 several purchase orders were placed on the market that pushed BET-FI index down 11%.Towards the closing bell, the index slowed down its decline and closed session at -7.43% quotation.

European stock markets were rallying at the closing hour of Bucharest trading. London stock market index, FTSE was increasing 1.62% up to 4,437.56, German DAX was gaining 1.67% up to 5,097.56, while French CAC40 was skyrocketing 2.44% up to 3,583.24 points.

“Today (e.n yesterday), investors panic continued on sweeping off the trading. However, I signaled a detachment from the international markets that had a calm session without any major events. Lack of liquidity and depth have worsened the stock rout on the market”, said Necula.

Prime Transaction’s specialists said the massive dives registered at financial investment companies had been triggered by massive purchase orders that wiped out the small volume of buy orders. Necula thinks there have been investors who urged in selling out stakes, without taking into account market’s evolution.

The decline was in conformity with intraday declines at main European indices, said Florin Irimin, broker at Intercapital Invest.

Despite Stere Farmache’s statements designed to slowdown plunges, this was not the reason why FICs tempered down downslide.

The recovery was most likely geared by the upturned context of international stock markets, said Irmin.
Further evolution – uncertain and volatile

“We cannot forecast at the moment, the further direction of the market, but financial prospect remains negative, and this will lead to uncertainty and volatility.

“It is most likely for the volatility to remain high for many sessions ahead. I don’t think we will fully detach from international context, the connection will remain high and investors will react to any rumor or news”, Intercapital’s broker added.

It is possible that markets will recover on short term, as the declines have been dramatic and Irmin believes this move can last longer, and the next negative signal will only push market downwards.

Translated and adapted by Camelia Oancea.