Wall-Street: What are the first impressions after judging the materials signed up for Golden Drum contest?

Stefan Iordache: I have seen materials better than I expected. Unfortunately, most of the projects were for “easy” clients, than for “hard” ones. I mean I have seen great works, but for small brands. It is a fantastic experience to be in the jury, to see so many advertising materials in such a short time, to talk to many different persons, with different opinions, and to try to reach to a decision.

Wall-Street: You said you had seen works greater than you had expected. However, in TV ads category, there have been poorer materials as well.

Stefan Iordache:
At TV ads category, we have scarcely gathered 40 nominees of 400-500 entries. However, we reassessed the materials and we signaled some great ideas. If everybody expected any festival to be according to Cannes standards, and to see here the best communication materials in the world, there are unrealistic expectations.
Furthermore, there is also a negative filter, at least from Romanians, who have the tendency to be arrogant. We think we are the best, and that we know it all, but in fact, we don’t seek the depth of things we see here.

What did you learn from this festival and from the works you have judged?

Stefan Iordache:
Apart from learning from the works I was presented, I have learned from experience itself; to know how to explain why a material is better than another one.

Wall-Street: The categories where you were appointed in the jury are opened for sign-ups only to countries in Northern Europe. What are the countries with the best works?

Stefan Iordache: If I look at the sign-up book published by organizers, Romania has biggest sign-ups. I strongly believe there will be good results for Romania.

Wall-Street: Will Romania be in top, in terms of number of awards?

Stefan Iordache:
Certainly. I think it will rank first or second.

Translated and adapted by Camelia Oancea.