“The initial investment was approximately 250,000 euros,” said Cristi Toanchina, partner at Lavanderia, ecologic garment cleaning company opened in September last year. One year after the opening, the company extended network to five branches in Bucharest, and four days ago, the firm opened a new unit in Mega Image supermarket from Titan.

For only one cleaning unit, approximately 75,000 euros were allocated to equipments, expendables, means of transport, pay packages and rent, but it is a permanent investment in quality of used products. “We use new washing and finishing equipments imported from Italy and biodegradable detergents,” Anca Toanchina, partner at Lavanderia stated.

She stresses that in general, an ecologic cleaning firm can be opened with 50,000 euros minimum investment, but they can exceed 100,000 euros for one unit, given the quality of washing equipments, new or second-hand, ecologic detergents and location.

The company opened garment cleaning units in Dorobanti Square, Traian Square, Vitan Square, and in hypermarkets: Kaufland (Barbu Vacarescu), Real (Vitan) and Mega Image (Titan). “We are negotiating with Mega Image to open a unit in each store of the network”, said Anca Toanchina, who considers doing the same with Real and Kaufland. “We will seek for strategic locations,” Cristi Toanchina added.

Future plans of the company confirm the trend of ecologic garment cleaning firms in finding locations in biggest commercial centers and hypermarkets. “We plan on closing year with 10 units. We will open four more branches, one of them in Ploiesti, and most probable in Mega Image” he said.

Therefore, Bucharest will have 9 ecologic cleaning units Lavanderia, in a developing market, where dry cleaning companies and chemical cleaners such as Top Clean, Blueclean, or Eco Clean target expansion.

Eco Clean that operates in Romania since 2002, that includes an industrial division and professional home cleaning or for offices has 13 collection centers in Bucharest and 4 in Ploiesti. According to data made public by Eco Clean company, the group has 3 million in turnover and 200 employees.