Forecasts for Romanian training market in 2009

Business plans of training companies in Romania for next year will remain on upside trend, same as in previous year. However, 2009 may be a cornerstone for companies in the field, and training firms are likely to be affected by global economic crisis.

Business blueprint for 2009 of Ascendis is based on 25-30% growth. From the standpoint of segments to develop in the upcoming period, Andrei Gosu (photo), General Manager of Ascendis Consulting forecasts that companies will invest more in coherent programs carried out on longer terms (from one to five years), designed to back up development strategy.

“Players will focus more on custom training programs. Organizations will no longer accept standard products, but services to suit their employees”, he said.

According to AchieveGlobal, leadership is for two years and will remain the area that stirs up interest of organizations in Romania. This segment folds in the international trend that focuses on the concern for skill management, according to statements of Diana Rosetka, Business Unit Manager at AchieveGlobal.

"In Romania, this concern is manifested in the context of a severe workforce shortage, which leads to the need of preserving high potential workforce. This is why the interest of these companies will focus on developing managers’ leadership skills, and also in indentifying and developing employees with high potential, who can set up an internal recruitment base for future managers,” Diana Rosetka added.

Apart from the leadership programs, interest shown by organizations in Romania for development of marketing and marketing management skills remains high. Demand for leadership skills training is soaring, especially on programs structured on management levels.

“Large companies ascertained the necessity of a common language at all management levels, together with setting skills to encourage collaboration,” said Viorel Panaite, Partner Human Invest.

Furthermore, he estimated that in 2009 there will be more clients with large programs, focused on two directions: whether multi module programs to train different management skills, whether programs with only one set of skills but delivered at several management levels.

The market is maturing, according to Adrian Florea, Managing Partner at Trend Consult. “We have large players, events, publications, awards of the industry, international know-how”, he said.

As for trends, market will continue its development in the same directions – more sophisticated demands from clients, improved offers of providers, large long-term programs, and more companies that invest in individuals’ training.

The market’s growth pace was 30-35%, and the forecasts show a continuation of the margin, said Adrian Florea.

Translated and adapted by Camelia Oancea.

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