Registrations of new vehicles in Europe slumped 8.2% in September, compared to similar interval in 2007. The volume of cars registered last month dropped to ten years-low.

In first nine months, 11,710,521 cars were registered on the European car market, down 4.4% from last year .

In Western Europe, 1,211,308 new cars were registered in September, down by 9.3%. In September, the French car industry tumbled 8.4%, while German and Italian markets dropped 1.5% and respectively 5.5%.

Sharpest decline was in Great Britain – 21.2% and Spain – 32.2%.

In first nine months, vehicle registrations declined 5% in Western Europe. France and Germany remained the leading markets with 3.4% growth and 1.3%. The car registrations’ volume decreased by 7.5%in UK, 11.3% in Italy, and 22% in Spain.

Markets in newly accessioned states in EU advanced 7.8% in September, 93,275 cars being registered. Only Hungary declined 4.3% while car industry from Czech mounted 32.2%, Romania increased by 17.4% and Poland by 1.8%.