“We will pursue opportunities”

Maybe the most important aspect on the changes that Aviva’s integration triggered is the range of products that the fund readies for launch.

Real estate fund is the next project that Aviva Invstors will launch mid next year. “Aviva Group is very much experienced in the segment and we are confident in Romanian real estate sector, although growth forecasts are low”, Eugen Voicu stated.

He pointed out that real estate fund would soon be launched, regardless when financial crisis would end.

“In moments of crisis, biggest opportunities emerge, prices are low. We will invest only in projects or assets that we think they may gear high profit margins. We will pursue opportunities”, Aviva manager added.

Another product that Aviva Investors prepares is Aviva Investors Eurofinance with investments in Romanian and European financial sector.

“Although the segment has sharply declined, and it is still undergoing a gloomy period, we think this sector will be the first to recover, because banks and stock market are by nature the institutions that forecast growth intervals. In the actual climate, the fund’s investments will focus on state securities or governmental bonds. We intend on providing a safe alternative in times of crisis,” Voicu explained.

Furthermore, Aviva Investors teamed up with the other divisions of the group, which will generate mixed products with investments and protection features.

Due to financial crisis that caused dramatic slumps at Bucharest Stock Exchange, the only funds in the industry with positive outturns are those with fixed-income instruments.

Therefore, monetary fund Tezaur has a 6.96% output since the beginning of the year, being an alternative to deposits accounts.

Securities fund Orizont “is a very good choice at this moment”, said Voicu. Its output is 8.66% since the beginning of this year. “We aim at higher outputs than one-year deposits”, the manager added.

On the new clients of the fund, he said there had been less than last year. “We had clients with business who needed liquidities, clients who drew temporarily from the market and I am sure they will join us again”, Aviva manager concluded.

Translated by Camelia Oancea