Financial crisis has not yet affected business of luxury hotels in Romania, Silvia Petre, CEO Carol Parc Hotel saying that the requests increased in the VIP area, in contradiction with the recent researches.

“We had clients who could not afford to stay on our hotel, but they did it because the room shortage in hotels in Bucharest. We have noticed that this kind of guests did not appear anymore, but this has nothing to do with the decline of financial market, but because four/five-stars hotels have upgraded their offer.

Carol Parc Hotel, located in carol Parc, is more than a five-stars lodging unit. Located in a historical building designed by a famous architect of the 19th century in neoclassical style, the hotel introduces a new standard of luxury in a boutique-like Romanian hotel.

The owner of the hotel thinks that the demand for luxury hotel services is soaring, especially from tourists that choose to spend their vacations in Romania, apart from diplomats, businessmen or celebrities.
“In the future, more VIP clients will choose a cozy room rather than a luxury hotel that is part of a large hotel chain,” said Sylvia Petre, owner of Carol Parc Hotel.

Alexandru Ciucu, Tata si Fiul: buyers are reluctant in investing in fall

Alexandru Ciucu outlined that in Romania it is not yet a well-shaped segment of custom-made luxury suits for men. As for his workshop, the designer said he did not notice any major fluctuations in terms of orders.

As for the short-term evolution of his business, Ciucu thinks the custom-made luxury suits depends on relation between designed and client, and less on the general context of the economy or the recent fluctuations of the financial segment.

“Therefore, I don’t think a crisis of this kind will majorly affect our niche because it is based on two main things: designer-client relation and rising financial situation of the client, or the his well-grounded motivation, in certain conditions,” Alexandru Ciucu added.

Alexandru Ciucu, one of the shareholders at Tata si Fiul opened in 2006 the workshop with the same name. The premium menswear from Tata si Fiul is exclusively custom-made at prices ranging between 1,300 and 1,600 euros.

Mihai Ceciu – pre-owned watches

Antic Horologium store, opened on September 26 by Mihai Ceciu, ranked among the leading watch experts in the world, will bring in Romania the pre-owned watches concept.

The store is designed both to collectors and to those who want to follow the trend. “To collectors, the important thing is the mechanism, and to trend victims, the brand. People want to change watches as often as possible. Luxury watches market is growing, but four years ago, they would have been doomed to failure”, store owner pointed out.