Dacia plant cuts off activity for four days

Dacia plant will halt activity in October 30, 31 and November 13, and 14 2008, the company announced.

Pursuant to the need of resetting the manufacture program to the commercial demand, the production activity at Dacia will be temporarily interrupted on October 30 and 31 and November 13 and 14 2008, Dacia informed.

Car parts fabrication together with other sectors of Mechanic Plant and CKD and vehicle shipping will be continued.

This year, 182,529 units were manufactured by Dacia in first nine months, up 24.1% compared to first nine months in 2007. Of overall cars assembled in 2008, 35,107 units were Sandero, 71.439 units Logan and 76,163 Logan MCV.

The company manufactured 220,000 units last year.

In first nine months 2008, Dacia sold 194,165, 17% more from similar interval last year.
Automobile Dacia sold last year in Romania102,062 Logan units, down 5.3% compared to 107,777 units from 2006, while the demand soared 17.4% worldwide, up to 230,473 units.

Renault shuts down factories in France

Carmaker Renault ordered shut-downs at almost all factories in France for two weeks, as of October 27, over fears of further fall in demand for its cars.

“Almost all will be closed for one or two week, maybe more. It’ll start next week in Le Mans, which will shut for 15 days, and in Flins, which will also shut for 15 days,” said Fabien Gache of the CGT union.
Biggest factories of the group are those located in northern Le Mans and Flins.

Gache added that a third factory will be closed for one week, while another unit is functioning at half capacity.

“At factories in Cleon, the activity will be interrupted for one week, while at the Sandville-based factory it will work at one shift by yearend,” he added.

There are rumors on closing down other factories in France and Europe.

Renault representative, Patrick Pelata said the carmaker will cut production by 20% in fourth quarter.
Carmaker Renault, that holds patent for Renault, Dacia, Samsung has 80,000 employees and the French state holds 15% stake.

The company has announced recently it will discharge 6,000 employees in Europe, 4,900 of them in France.

Translated by Camelia Oancea