“The area is near Herastrau, Bordei and Kiseleff parks, and also being the city’s downtown, which is very important to expats. The average monthly rent for houses reach 4,000 – 10,000 euros, and for apartments, hovers around 2,000 – 6,000 euros” said Bogdan Barbulescu, real estate broker within the residential rental and relocation division of Regatta.

Another sought area for residential rentals is Herastrau Park, where rents range between 2,000 euros and 6,000 euros per month for apartments.

“Floreasca is the third most sought-after area. Apart from the easy access to downtown or airport, the area encloses Billa and Kaufland supermarkets. The monthly rent reaches to 1,500 euros – 4,000 euros per month”, Barbulescu added.

Baneasa – Iancu Niculae area ranks fourth in the chart framed by Regatta, area which encloses American University, Mark Twain, and British School. Rents for the mansions in the area range between 2,000 euros and 7,000 euros per month.