SATI, a benchmark of monitoring the traffic performances

Ringier Romania supports the initiative, following to make a decision regarding the effective implementation of it in the coming period, reads the press release issued by BRAT.

Thus, SATI will be used as a benchmark to monitor the traffic performances of all websites edited by media groups who agreed with this common decision, the subscribers following to gradually relinquish, as of today, to the use of other online traffic monitoring systems.

As a result, the codes of the other online traffic monitoring systems used until now will be gradually eliminated from the pages of all internet products of subscriber media companies and groups, following to implement and make public only the results provided and audited by SATI system.

According to the subscribers, the decision is not related to any suspicion regarding the performance of other systems, reviews that have been very useful for the stage of the online market at that point, until the new SATI system was launched, but “it is a major matter and business logics: traffic of websites in Romania can be officially monitored only by an administrated, audited system that is strictly controlled by an independent organization”, reads BRAT’s release.

“It is a natural decision of market that reached its maturity. The advertising industry can use to measure its performances only an independent system, a single source accepted by the whole industry. Same as in other countries with a developed online environment, Romania it will be used a measurement benchmark provided by an independent source that provides accurate and credible data, comparable for all his members,” said Arina Ureche, managing director at BRAT.

Furthermore, the reviews of the websites’ online activity will be published on a day-by-day basis and weekly, not only monthly, following the November 4 decision made by BRAT’s Internet Department that unanimously analyzed and approved the draft submitted by Realitatea-Catavencu, Media Pro and Gazeta Online.

Pahomi, Mediaedge: CIA: We need a syndicated study

Marius Pahomi, Interaction Business Development Manager Mediaedge:CIA Romania said that from the standpoint of a media agency that represents the clients’ interests and that has actively contributed both financially and professionally to the completion of SATI, will fully support any action that “will lead to enforcing the role of a syndicated study at level of industry”.

Without underestimating the relevance of data provided so far by, Pahomi says that, although it is a very good product, with vast experience and with a core contribution to in the development of online advertising in Romania, the ranking has the advantage of being an individual project of a single player.

"We think we need the existence of a syndicated study meant to become the single benchmark system in monitoring the online audience. It is a natural phase in the evolution of every media channel”, Marius Pahomi stated.