Business publication Wall-Street, edited by InternetCorp publisher, has averaged in October 2008, the highest number of unique visitors - 637,796, up 39.6%, from September (456,869 unique visitors), according to data provided by SATI.

Furthermore, publication averaged 3,056,298 page views in October, respectively 1,241,575 visits.

“The growth of the audience was noticeable at a lower extent for the entire online business publishing market in Romania, but in case of Wall-Street we think that the growth was geared mainly by the policy of the editorial staff, that decided to explain this major event, that started to affect Romania and that is far from ending”, said Mihai Seceleanu, managing director at InternetCorp.

He sees the readers’ orientation towards Internet as matter of course, given the fast-changing events in Romanian and international business landscape, respectively accessibility of information and analyses.

“Internet has the ability of providing more details on what is actually happening and the way the current economic climate can affect you, as manager, as entrepreneur or as a simple employee. Moreover, considering that Internet users in Romania are much above the national average in terms of studies, incomes and social status, we can presume the fact they are only the ‘vanguard’, being the first to take notice on the problems we will have to deal with within 12-24 months,” Seceleanu.

The most important eight business sites in Romania averaged 2,290,763 unique visitors, up 32.4%from September (1,729,854). Thus, Ziarul Financiar daily registered 619,745 unique visitors (+44.7%) from September (428,176).

The business publications registered growths as follows: Capital (274,827 unique visitors), Business Standard (273,427 unique visitors), (132,419 unique visitors), (122.323 visitors), (113,909 unique visitors) and (116,317 unique visitors).