Dacia plant will halt production on November 13 and 14 and in November 20 – December 7 2008, after shutting down activity in October for two days, in the context of diluted sales volume.

“Following the downturn of the situation in the car industry, both for export and in its main market, Romania, situation that is very likely to prolong, and in order to avert the stockpiling cars, Dacia is forced to stop production in November 20 – December 7, 2008. CKD’s activity will carry on”, the company announced.

The employees sent home due to the activity stoppage will be served with 85% of total gross salary, according to employment contract. Furthermore, they will receive the meal vouchers afferent to the days when the activity was suspended.

“This downturn is explained through the consequences of financial crisis over the credit (over 60% Dacia cars are bought in credit or leasing system) but especially the invasion of used vehicles together with the enforcement of the new legislation”, Dacia representatives stated.

Dacia sold in October in Romania some 6.664 units, down 27% from a year ago, when it sold 9.094 units.
The carmaker exported 23,794 cars in October 2004, respectively 142,124 cars in first ten months of 2008. 35,329 units were sold in France.

Dacia exported 21,164 units to Germany in first ten months 2008, 12,082 units in Ukraine, 10,946 units in Algeria, 6,762 units in Italy, 5,516 units in Spain and 4,057 cars in Holland.

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