Orange Romania reported for March – September revenues worth 670 million euros, up 7.9% from a year ago.

Vodafone Romania announced yesterday 615 million euros revenues for first quarter of financial year (April 1 – September 30), up 7.7% from a year ago.

“We are satisfied with the financial outcome for the past six months, for all financial indicators, even in the context of a fiercer competition, of effects of the regulation framework, and of a maturing telecommunication market. We have an ongoing ‘healthy’ growth of our clients database which reflects in the adoption of new services and in financial results”, said Liliana Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone Romania.

As for next year, specialists forecast a setback of Romania’s telecommunication market triggered by financial crisis which will impact all the economic sectors.

“The latter forecasts on next year’s economic growth of Romania signal a major downtrend compared to 2008, which will inevitably dent the growth of IT&C sector, together with most of the sectors in the industry”, said Richard Moat, CEO of Orange Romania.

As for number of clients, Orange Romania reported 10.2 million users in lat September, the operator adding 200,000 new active SIM cards in April-September interval.

Orange forecasts 10.6 million clients portfolio by yearend.

“Ten years after in Romanian market, Orange reached this year 10 million clients threshold. We hope the number to raise to 10.6 million by yearend,” Richard Moat added.

As for 3G broadband clients, Orange holds 1,146,000 users portfolio, 15% more than Vodafone that accounts for 996,000 clients on 3G and HSDPA services.