“I believe this is a major responsibility for players in the financial market scene to hamper the future possible problems in Romania fuelled by financial crisis. I don’t think the impact will be significant, but there are risks if the government fails to adopt any response policy”, Diosi added.

The bankers and the authorities will review the measures to back up small and medium sized companies, Diosi said, without disclosing any further details.

Giving the example of other European states, Diosi mentioned as a possible measure, subsidization of interests for SME’s loans.

He also said that the number of small and medium sized companies actively involved in the Romanian market accounts for nearly 50,000, adding that the government has the responsibility of efficiently managing and allotting expenses, NewsIn informs.

Diosi mentioned that talks will also review the inter-bank interests matter and the way banks should restrict ‘spreading’ additional costs in the inter-bank market over clients.