In the pay survey framed by Romania’s tax-collection agency for the biggest internal incomes for 2007, a person still working in the power trade activity field has pulled the second biggest pay package, valued at 2.92 million lei (875,400 euros), equivalent of 73,000 euros in average, on a monthly basis.

Third ranked biggest salary was earned by a business and management consultant, who earned 2.48 million lei (742,400 euros) or 62,000 euros per month.

On 4th and 5th position in ANAF chart, there are persons in monetary brokerage field, who reported after-tax income of 1.73 million lei, respectively 1.72 million lei.

A person working in power distribution came out sixth, with an annual income of 1.64 million lei, while an employee in soft drinks/mineral water field reported 1.47 million lei income, coming out seventh.

Two persons in monetary brokerage earned 1.43 million lei, respectively 1.39 million lei in 2007.

The chart ends with a person in plastic processing industry, who earned 1.34 million lei last year.
After-tax income in the private companies rose 15% in 2008, inferior to the growth of national medium gross income, calculated by National Statistics Institute, according to a Paywell Romania survey report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The average before-tax income in multinational companies rose 15% in 2008. The average before-tax income according to the survey report that comprises information supplied by 250 companies was 2,290 lei, against 1,751 lei salary calculated by INS.

In 2008, the employees at operational level benefited of biggest pay growths – 19% while employees in the support level were paid 11% more.

The pay packages in the companies’ management increased by14% in April 2008 from the month one year ago.