Fashion House Outlet Center is located in West Park Militari, on A-1expressway and will be opened from Monday to Saturday, between 10:00 and 21:00, and Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00.

Some of the center’s tenants are adidas, Puma, Benetton, Replay, Mango, Stefanel, Levi’s, Samsonite, Kenvelo, BSB, Kiltec, Diverta, Dockers, Fornarina, Timberland Nautica, Quiksilver, Lee Cooper, Ecco, Steilmann, Camel Active, Leonardo, Bigotti, Cavaliere, Alb si Negru, Ipekyol, Benvenuti, Jolidon and Optiplaza.

“The iconic international retailers are using outlets stores to sell the stockpiling products, that remained within the offers made through the regular retail shops in Europe. These products are mainly part of the previous seasons collections and have a discount starting from 30% to 70%”, reads the press release remitted by the developer.

The outlet centers are different from the regular commercial centers through the fact that it does not host any supermarket or hypermarket and through the type of tenants. While the occupancy level for traditional commercial centers at the opening hour is usually over 70%, the outlets centers are usually occupied gradually, the occupancy level at the opening hour in Europe being 50%. They reach to the complete size, of approximately 25,000 sqm during three or four different construction stages.

Translated by Camelia Oancea