“Effects of the crisis are taking shape. The crisis is surrounding us and withers all fields of the economy. If we initially thought it is induced, now, the crisis is as real as possible. When the crisis will pass by, new healthy economy and companies will emerge. Next year will be a difficult one as we haven’t experienced in a long time in Romania”, said Adrian Urda, Altex’s vicepresident.

He thinks the internal reorganization of the human resources is the core element in maintaining a business in times of crisis.

“In the context of financial crisis, we pay a special attention to costs. There are two important directions, that of reorganization of the human resources and stock management. In terms of stock management, it requires a special attention. We reported a very good outcome in first half, and in the second half and last three months of this year the growth will be slower paced than a year ago”, said Altex representative.

According to him, this kind of crisis can trigger speculative deals, which can be profitable because in this configuration one can buy cheap, however cheap is not necessarily good.

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“These deals can hide many shortcomings and in this case, it is more prudent to take this direction. It is good to consolidate what you have, because any step you take may affect your business”, Urda added.

According to Altex’s projections, the sale of home appliances is likely to mount to 1.2 billion euros by yearend, up 10% from one year ago, but the retailer will probably see sagging sales in first half next year.

Translated by Camelia Oancea