Prime Minister Tariceanu said on Monday the Executive would approve, in this week’s session or next week the latest, a draft normative act to suspend for a limited period, the vehicle emission tax for new cars.

“Second-hand cars have vanquished Dacia sales and will happen the same with Ford. Therefore, the most effective measure is to suspend imports by annulling the tax for new cars. Practically, we will keep the tax for second-hand vehicles”, said Tariceanu, NewsIn informs.

Another measure to curb old vehicle import is the redistribution of quotas within “Jalopy” program by yearend, in order to stir up the domestic car industry.

The Prime Minister added he will request the minister of Transportation to prompt checkups at the Romanian Car Registry, after being informed that the cars receive technical approval and afterwards they are registered, including the cars that don’t meet the required technical standards.

“I have seen the statements of the president after his visit at Dacia. I am very pleased we have the same approach on the matter”, said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that this measure will be enforced for a limited time interval, without disclosing any further details, following to be extended by another three months according to the market’s response.
Tariceanu held talks last week with the chairman of Dacia-Renault board.

Translated by Camelia Oancea