The project initiated by surveys over 220 websites signed up in SATI classification for which there have been published traffic details for the last month.

“Website ranking in Romania is a traffic-monitoring classification and comparison instrument signed up in SATI, based on the data published by BRAT. The idea came up, after more than one week ago, several important publishers in the online landscape decided to communicate exclusively the data provided by SATI, withdrawing from other public website traffic monitoring systems,” said Mihai Seceleanu, CEO of InternetCorp.

According to him, the websites traffic ranking in Romania is designed to all audiences, ranging from the average Internet user to all players actively involved in online media and advertising markets, the project aiming at “becoming a useful analysis tool to track the evolution of online market trends in Romania”.
The classification offers the possibility of purchase, together with graphics, up to five websites audited by SATI.

Currently, the top of most popular websites in Romania encloses audience details on a monthly basis, Mihai Seceleanu saying that at this point, it is examined the possibility of broadening the traffic details array with traffic details on daily and weekly basis.

“The classification system based on categories and subcategories can be adjusted as more and more projects will use SATI . We expect this project to contribute in increasing the popularity of the study made by BRAT, and to gradually become a useful tool for the online advertising industry,” said Seceleanu.
Top of most popular websites in Romania is available starting today at

Large online publishers are officially reviewing their traffic performance through SATI

Last week, media groups Gazeta Online, Intact Media Grup, InternetCorp., MediaPro Interactiv, Pro TV and Realitatea-Catavencu have decided to renounce to audit reports, following to use exclusively the online traffic monitoring data by SATI, conducted by BRAT, in their relation with the public, clients and advertising agencies.

Thus, SATI will be used as the standard internet flow analyzer of all websites edited by the participants of this common decision, renouncing gradually to online traffic systems.

Translated by Camelia Oancea