Cristian Copil, leader of the trade union said, that although he initially claimed 50% pay raise for the union members, he is satisfied with the result of the negotiations, NewsIn informs.

“If we add the 8.1 percentage from December 1 to 6.5 percentage as of April next year, and to the attendance bonus, which in terms of percentage points is equivalent to 8.2-8.3%, we have a pay raise of over 22%”, said Copil.

According to him, the reasons why Nokia Romania did not agree on a higher wage raise at its employees from Jucu-based factory are linked to the global economic crisis.

“If we consider the current unfavorable situation worldwide, the fact that the Cluj-based labor authority announced over 4,000 job cut across the entire county, we can say we are partially satisfied with the pay talks” said Cristian Copil, adding that given the information he has at this point, Nokia Romania has no plan of cutting jobs.

Cristian Copil added that Jucu-based factory in Cluj County has approximately 1,800 employees, and the average gross salary is 833 lei.

Translated by Camelia Oancea