Approximately 26% respondents believe England is the country of all possibilities when it comes to finding a job, over 21% would choose USA and 13% of the surveyed bet on Germany. All three countries were chosen from a list of seven possible destinations for jobseekers, which included, apart from the states mentioned above Australia, France, Italy and Spain.

“In the last period, we often hear that jobs abroad are no longer sought by Romanians. Being very much concerned with the poor marker condition, we considered this survey very useful in the purpose of finding what is the interest for these jobs and what are the most popular countries in the jobseekers’ opinion,” said Laura Chilom, HR Consultant, eJobs.

The countries where Romanians would mostly want to work are those who provide a broader job offer. According to eJobs, England and Germany are the countries for which are published most of the jobs available, being followed by Czech, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Canada and Belgium.

“Romanians show a great interest for advertisements for jobs abroad, which count for a number of applications which exceeds the employers’ offer. For example, for only one job, the number of registered applications may vary even between 70 and 300-400”, said Laura Chilom, HR consultant at eJobs.

Translated by Camelia Oancea