100 Nokia employees to take temporary layoff

Jucu-based Nokia plant sent yesterday over 100 employees in temporary layoff, in an attempt to shrink activity, four days after representatives of Nokia Romania ensured president Traian Basescu that the phone manufacturer is not affected by the crisis.

On Tuesday, workers of the morning shift, namely 104 employees were announced they will go into a temporary layoff, reads Clujeanul daily. They were hired by two Nokia subcontractors and were working on the mobile phone assembly. According to Nokia Jucu spokesperson, Monica Alb, they were not considered employees of Nokia.

“Given the seasonal characteristic of activities in mobile devices manufacturing, Nokia has contracts with the officers at the hiring hall which provide temporary workforce for all Nokia factories. The number of temporary workforce fluctuates according to season – this is the normal track of business,” said Monica Alb, Communications Manager at Nokia Romania.

Currently, Nokia is in talks with the agencies that provide seasonal staff from outside, on the company’s needs regarding the seasonal resources in the near future.

Nokia Romania board announced yesterday it will idle production at Jucu for the Christmas season, between December 22 and January 5.

“The factory’s board decided to shut down production during December 22, 2008 and January 5, 2009 in order to allow employees to spend more time with their families and to rest, and to be ready to face the challenges in 2009”, reads the press release signed Monica Alb.

Late last week, managing director of Nokia Romnaia, John Guerry, said there were no problems with the business of the Finish company in Romania, and denied the rumors according to which Nokia asked for state support in order to cope with the financial crisis. “We have not requested the state for assistance nor we plan to”, said Guerry.

Michelin giant sends employees to temporary layoff

Michelin will temporarily close the factories it holds in Romania starting December 12 and will resume activity in January, following to send its workers into temporary layoff, apart from the days of holiday.
Michelin’s board, the world’s second largest tire maker said the global demand for tires has shrunk, forcing the company to adjust production.

Michelin holds three manufacturing units in Romania, one in Floresti, and two in Zalau. The production output of Floresti factory is mainly directed towards United States of America, a market very affected by the financial crisis.

Translated by Camelia Oancea