The shopping area is developed on 2.3 hectares land plot, and the construction is structured on three stories, with 40,000 sqm gross area with 25,000 sqm available as retail area. The shopping center provides approximately 450 parking spaces.

The concept was designed in the fall of 2006, and the construction of Aurora Shopping Mall started in August 2007. The financing was partially ensured by the developer and completed by a loan contracted from INVESTKREDIT Vienna.

Some of the anchor tenants drawn by Cometex within the project are Carrefour Hypermarket that covers 6,500 sqm and Altex. Apart from the two main anchor tenants, Aurora Shopping Mall includes units of Vodafone, Banca Transilvania, Centrofarm, Mini Blu, Takko, Deichmann, Vogele, Goertz, Kenvelo, Lee Cooper, Eros, Orsey and Steilmann.

“The commercial gallery that covers 18,500 sqm is 60% occupied with large-surface anchor tenants. Some 50 smaller stores, boutique-like are added. International and national brands such as Intersport, New Yorker, Drogerie Markt, Kenvelo, Alexandria Bookstores, City Pharma will also be present in thw shopping center”, said Manuela Jivan (photo), Head of Commercial at Cometex.

Translated by Camelia Oancea