Auchan Romania opens second hypermarket in Bucharest in December

Auchan Romania will complete this year’s expansion plan in December, when it will open second hypermarket in Bucharest, in Militari area, following a 20 million euros investment, according to own statements, NewsIn informs.

The company will, thus, complete its expansion objectives set early this year, plan which included two more units in Suceava (opened on November 15), and in Bucharest Militari (early December). Overall investment completed by the retail operator this year will climb to 40 million euros.

Auchan Romania is currently operating five hypermarkets across the country, in Bucharest, Pitesti, Cluj, Targu-Mures, and Suceava. Furthermore, the retailer will continue the chain’s development in 2009 as well, saying that, despite the poor economic conditions, it will not relinquish its investment roadmap.

“Apart from the already-announced stores, in Timisoara and Constanta, we still have projects running. We will not change our expansion plans, Auchan has a marketing concept which is well adjusted to the current situation – a constant policy of small prices at all products”, said PR manager at Auchan Romania, Mariana Dragan.

Translated by Camelia Oancea

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