NBR calls for capital raise at two banks this year

Central Bank has requested twice this year capital raise at two banks with a market share below 1%, as their solvency dropped too fast or reached a critical level, said Nicolae Cinteza, director within BNR.

“Not all the capital raise proceedings are voluntary measures of the bank’s shareholders. Some of them are conducted at the request of Supervisory Directory of BNR. This year, we have requested two capital raise. In these cases, the banks’ solvency was dropping at an alarming pace, down to below 11%. There are banks that were recommended with minimum solvency of 10%, and not 8% the regular recommended value”, said Nicolae Cinteza, director of the Supervisory Directory with NBR, at EU-COFILE seminar in Sinaia.

In Romanian banking system, the banks with market share over 5% hold 65.39% assets of the system, while banks with a market share between 1 and 5% count for 25.71% of the system’s assets, and the rest of the banks, with a market share below 1%, including Creditcoop, hold 8.9% of the system.

According to Cinteza, top of five banks in the local banking industry underwent certain changes as follows: Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) ranks first, BRD-SocGen second, Volksbank Romania, third, outcompeting the previous number 3, Raiffeisen Bank (now fourth position).

Translated by Camelia Oancea

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