PSD+PC heads towards a majority in the Romanian Senate after counting ballots from 99.62% voting units

PSD+PC wins the race for Deputy Chamber by 33.09% margin and by 34.12% margin in the Senate, while PD-L recorded 32.34% and respectively 33.57%, according to data certified by Central Electoral Office, after counting ballots from 99.62% voting units.

Central Electoral Office announced earlier today at 2 p.m that according to the centralized data, from 92.73% voting units, PSD + PC wins by 33% margin for Deputy Chamber race and 33.99% for the Senate.

[Update] PD-L falls to 32.57% votes in the race for Deputy Chamber and in the Senate, down to 33.79%, being outranked by PSD+PC with 33% and respectively 33.99%, PNL maintaining at 18%, according to the latter data provided by BEC , after counting votes at 92.73% units.

After tabulating 71.06% votes, PD-L reported more votes than leftists PSD+PC both in Senate and in Deputy Chamber.

Therefore, the data of the Central Electoral Office (BEC) disaffirm the outcomes of both exit-polls carried out on Sunday night.

In the race for Deputy Chamber the outcomes came as follows: PDL – 33.39%, PSD-32.51%, PNL-18.1%, UDMR-6.2%.

In the race for Senate, PD-L reported 34.67%, PSD-33.36%, PNL-18.18% and UDMR-6.4%.

PD-L reported 33.29% votes in the race for Deputy Chamber, and 34.67% in the Senate, while PSD+PC reported 32.51% and 33.36 for Senate, according to final results certified by BEC after tabulating the votes in 71% voting units, NewsIn informs.

After counting votes in 71% units, PD-L leads by 1% against PSD-PC, while PNL reported little over 18%, in both races, for Deputy Chamber and Senate, BEC announced earlier today.

BEC reported 1,614,000 votes for PD-L in the Deputy Chamber and 1,681,431 for Senate, namely 33.29% in the Deputy Chamber respectively 34.67% in the Senate.

Leftist alliance PSD+PC was assigned with 877,872 votes (18.10%) for Deputy Chamber and 881,878 votes, equivalent of 18.18% for the Senate.

BEC tabulated 4,848,223 votes so far for the Deputy Chamber and 4,849,414 for Senate.

Translated by Camelia Oancea

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