Parties that won the greatest number of seats in the primary election

PSD, PD-L, UDMR are so far, the parties that won most of the seats. Future senator Gyerko Laszlo won the greatest number of votes, 89%, followed by Marko Bela, Mircea Geoana, Silviu Prigoana and Dan Motreanu.

Due to geographic concentration of the voters, UDMR is for the moment, the party won most of the seats in the upper house of Romania’s bicameral parliament with percentages closest to 100%.

Until now, the politician who was voted with the highest percentage was UDMR’s Gyerko Laszlo who won by a wide margin of 42,039 votes of 48,448 votes expressed, namely 89.65% of voters’ options, NewsIn informs.

In Harghita County, six of the seven candidates of UDMR have won their seats in the Parliament in the primary elections. UDMR’s executive chairman, Kelemen Hunor won his seat in the Deputy Chamber by an 89.35% margin, and Korodi Attila, Ministry of Environment won with 87.9% votes.

UDMR has won directly-allocated mandates in other counties as well. In Covasna, the Hungarian party won five of six colleges. Olosz Gergely, former head of ANRE, won the seat in the Deputy Chamber with 78% votes, Bokor Tiberiu won by 68%, and Marton Arpad defended his seat winning by 56% margin.

In Mures, Kerekes Karoly won by 82% margin in the race for Deputy Chamber, chairman of the Union, Marko Bela won by 65% and minister of Development will make his way to the Deputy Chamber with 55%.

Translated by Camelia Oancea

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