Economic conditions may be waning, but fast food restaurants are probably some of the few businesses that still bet on sales growth and on high profit margins. Wall-Street drew a random chart of the most profitable outlets and fast-food restaurants in Bucharest, as they were signaled by the officials of the biggest companies in the market.

McDonald’s Unirii will always be a profitable outlet

The world’s biggest fast food chain, McDonald’s will end this year with 25% growth over a year earlier and over 100 million euros sales reported in the present five 57 outlets, to which the company will add six more by next year.

McDonald’s most profitable outlets are at Unirii Square, Romana Square, Gara de Nord, Dristor-based McDriver, and at Buzesti. “The store at Unirii will always be profitable, the urban crowding spurs the sales at Romana square, and the high traffic at Gara de Nord helps fuel our sales”, said Cristian Savu, communication manager at McDonald’s Romania.

McDonald’s success in Romania is ensured, apart from the strong brand, by the chain’s well positioning, at the large commercial and road arteries, both in Bucharest and in the country.

For 2009, the company said it will open 8-10 new restaurants in cities where the company already operates, and also in cities which were not included in the chain’s expansion map until now, allocating 25 million euros, from the parent company.

KFC Plaza, the most profitable outlet of the group

Opened in October 29, 2004m seven years after the official opening of the first KFC restaurant in Romania, on Magheru boulevard in Bucharest, KFC Plaza is at the moment, the most profitable restaurant of the network, present in the country through US Food Network franchiser.

KFC chain operates 31 stores, 12 of them being in Bucharest. “We plan on opening 7-8 more units, pending on the economic conditions. The investment is likely to be between 250,000 euros and one million euros, given the location and surface of the outlets. At this moment, we have not concluded any contract. For the moment, we will focus on expansion plan for this year”, Nenciu added.

Gregory’s bets on its outlet near the House of the Free Press

In 2002, Gregory’s opened a 40 sqm fast-food restaurant in the northern area of Bucharest, after 80,000 US dollars investment. Today, the unit gears the biggest profit of all other outlets of the Romanian chain.

The outlet benefits of area’s high traffic, low rent, short program and low costs with well-trained staff, as Cora Stolz, Managing Director of Gregory’s Romania, said.

Snack Attack’s most profitable outlet, in Dorobanti

Sandwich and salad restaurant chain, Snack Attack opened its first unit in Dorobanti area, seven years ago, this also being the most profitable outlet of the 18-store chain, according to own statement.

“We plan on having 30 outlets in Bucharest, and to expand in 20 most populated cities in Romania”, said Razvan Iancu, Managing Director at Snack Attack. The network operates only one store outside Bucharest , in Ploiesti.

Translated by Camelia Oancea

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