Mega Image broadens chain by adding eight stores in 2008

Supermarket network Mega Image will concentrate its expansion plans for 2009 around Bucharest where it plans to open eight new stores, thus reaching to 48 units.

“In 2009, Mega Image plans to open eight more units in Bucharest” said Raluca Pavel, representative of Mega Image, NewsIn informs.

The average investment in a Mega Image unit varies between one and two million euros, given the surface and location.

Mega Image opened two own units since the beginning of this year, namely Mega Image Brancoveanu (in February), and Mega Image Valea Oltului (in June). Apart from the two newly-opened units, the company rebranded and held the official opening of three of the former La Fourmi units, namely Mega Image Camil Ressu (October), Mega Image Tunari (November), and Mega Image Mosilor (November).

The company completed the acquisition process for the 14-store retail chain La Fourmi for 18.6 million euros. The former La Fourmi supermarkets are located in Bucharest and will be fully rebranded by Mega Image by the end of 2009. The rebranding process will cost the company some 3.5 million euros.

Translated by Camelia Oancea

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