Denial is not a recovery plan for the economic landscape

Expectations of Robert Maxim (photo), Managing Partner at Ensight Management Consulting, from the future government suggest a fast and effective policy response to shore up the economic environment and to use the specific levers to prepare what specialists call “soft landing” for the Romanian economy.

Robert Maxim, one of the most noted management consultants in the local market, said the main objectives of the government plan should support the domestic business landscape, focusing on stimulating real economy, loosening fiscal policies and maintaining taxes.

In the coming six months, Robert Maxim added, the Executive should draw a set of measures to hamper the effects of crisis. “Most of the European economies are griped by the crisis and consequences are visible in Romania as well. Denial of a crisis and the overly optimism is not a solution. The problems are already visible: volatility of the Stock Exchange, tightened lending requirements, liquidity shortage, flagging production, shut down of factories, unemployment, postponement of foreign investments in Romania (e.g Voestalpine, that would have been the biggest foreign investment in Romania), outsourcing factories to adjacent countries (Kraft)”.

He signals the politicians’ optimism as far as the economic crisis is concerned, adding that the crisis will avoid Romania. “Romania is not an isolated island, which will remain immune to the crisis that already affects the economic climate of European countries. Economies of the states are linked together, and if one of them gets the crisis’ blow, the others will feel the effects as well”, Maxim added.

As many trade partners of Romania come from EU, their economic problems will surely affect our country, said the business consultant. “This is why I think the future government should draw a set of measures to fight a possible economic recession”, said Robert Maxim.

‘With a reasonable budget, Romania will cope better with the crises’

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Businessman Marius Ghenea expects the future executive to understand the difficult time for Romania, a time when the business environment calls for endorsement and encouragement from the governmental factors.

“My opinion is that the Executive does not understand at all the full extent of the damages in the country’s economic landscape, and the misunderstanding of the economic phenomenon of this kind usually leads to faulty strategic decisions,” said Marius Ghenea.

‘I suggest tripling sanctions for corruption’

According to George Butunoiu, solving the corruption issue should be a priority for the future Executive, together with optimizing public expenses. “Relatively easy to do”.

George Butunoiu, one of the most noted head-hunters in the local market, has three main ideas he would propose to the future Government. First of all, he would cut state expenses by 35% within six months, without any notable change in the running of public institutions.

Translated by Camelia Oancea