Authority for State Asset Recovery (AVAS) proposed a reduction of workforce by 300 in the defense industry, compared to 2008 and by 1,325 compared to 2007 reads a government decision draft for 2009.
Thus, according to the draft decision, the utmost average number of employees at CN Romarm SA Bucharest is set at 1,200 while at SC Avioane Craiova SA at 100, NewsIn informs.

“This number of employees is necessary for running reorganization activities and privatization proceedings, and also for the protection and management of the patrimony. (…) Through this normative act the average number of employees is set according to the available financial resources. This way it will be avoided a payroll lag for the employees in maintenance, repair, security, conservation of the patrimony and administrative afferent to 2009”, reads the project draft.

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