Raiffeisen: Leasing companies have problems in collecting debts

Romanian leasing industry is witnessing a growth of refinancing costs and problems in collecting lease payments, which will affect the business volume, said Mihaela Mateescu (photo), managing director of Raiffeisen Leasing.

“These problems will inevitably affect the volume of financed goods through an adjustment of interests and a more prudent analysis of leasing applications, clients’ credit score, in order to lower the risks they might entail”, said Mateescu.

As for the problems in the car industry, Mateescu said the impact is already visible, in terms of internal production and imports.

“The effects of car emission tax influenced the earning reports in the second half of the year, when the sales volume of new cars plunged”, Mateescu added.

Head of Raiffeisen Leasing said the most affected fields by the crisis, construction, real-estate, transports and car industry, have all dented the leasing market.

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