Iulius Group pumps 2 million euros in the largest showroom in eastern Romania

Iulius Group invested over 2 million euros in a residential showroom of Palas city planning, located downtown Iasi, project that cost the company over 250 million euros, according to own statements.

The residential showroom of Palas compound will be opened to visitors on Wednesday, December 10. The two-story sales center will have a gross surface of 1,000 sqm and will include two large-scale apartments, completely furnished by Italian designers.

The first story of the showroom will include the offices of sales advisors, and the ground floor shelters play ground for kids, reception, meeting room and the two apartments, one with three rooms that covers 120 sqm, and a two-room 80 sqm unit. The housing units, fitted to natural size are two of the 100 types of apartments that will be included in Palas residential compound.

“This showroom is a mirror of the residential component of Palas compound, designed to exceed any expectation in real estate sales. The furnished and decorated apartments provide the confidence and safety to clients, impossible to achieve with some sketches,” said Ciprian Bostan, Residential Sales Manager Palas.

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