Bechtel stalls construction works for Transilvania motorway

Bechtel constructor said it would abort construction works for Transilvania motorway, decision which will affect 2,300 workers, while the trade union said it received the termination notice.

The company’s board blamed the decision on the 27 million euros amount that National Company of Motorway and National Roads owes to the American Bechtel, NewsIn informs.

“We have received the notification for massive layoff. We have initiated the social dialogue, following to talk with the boardroom of the company on Friday”, said Mihai Lup, leader of Transilvania and Bechtel Workers union.

He added that at this point, some 2,600 persons work for Transilvania Motorway. In the event of a collective layoff, the workers will benefit of a redundancy pay equivalent to two monthly salaries. Bechtel announced it would cut workforce in a press release.

“Transilvania Motorway project announced today a substantial reduction of construction activity for the expressway. This reduction will likely affect 2,300 workers in Transilvania Motorway Project. Up to now, the project suspended activity of few hundred workers. The trade unions have been notified on possible collective layoff”, reads the press release.

Manager of the project, Michael Mix said in the press release that Bechtel company is unable to carry on activity in the given conditions.

“We regret that we have to take this measure, but we are unable to carry on the works without being paid and without having access to successive large land areas. At this point, CNADNR owes us over 27 million euros and VAT worth 14.7 million lei for the works certified since July”, said Mix.

Manager of the project stressed that CNADNR failed to proceed with the expropriations enough to allow the construction works conduct within regular conditions.

He added that the laid off workers will still be paid, according to legal requirements in Romania until they will be called for activity resumption.

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