survey found that the number of offers in November plummeted 4% in November compared to a year earlier in case of single apartments, 8% for three-room apartments and 9% for four-room apartments. Private owners offered for sale 1% less two-room apartments in November 2008 from a year ago.

The downtrend of house offers is mirrored in the average prices. Compared to similar interval of 2007, the prices for single apartments and for two-room apartments fell 6% in November this year. However, the average price for three and four-room apartments rose 3% and respectively 4% in November this year from a year earlier.

“Compared to beginning of 2008, we found major reductions in housing units offered for sale in November 2008. The most affected segment is the four-room apartments, the number of offers sliding 26%. As for single apartments, volume of housing units offered for sale fell 21%. Two and three-room apartments registered a balanced reduction ratio of 13% and respectively 18%”, said the manager of the company, Silvia Vilceanu.

Prices underwent the same trend, she said, compared to January 2008. Thus, although the decline rate was lower compared to offers, the prices fell 14% for two-room apartments, 11% for single apartments and 9% for three-room apartments. Prices for four-room apartments registered a minor decline of 1%.