Marius Ghenea opens first Testa Rossa coffeehouse

Businessman Marius Ghenea (photo), a legendary investor in IT industry, will ready move on coffee shops market, once with this week’s opening of the first coffeehouse of Testa Rossa brand, planning to open three more units in Bucharest by the end of 2009.

“Next year, we will open three Testa Rossa coffeehouses in Bucharest, both inside shopping centers and independent sidewalk locations. The average investment in a unit hovers around 225,000 euros,” said Marius Ghenea.

On a long term, the company plans to open 8-10 coffee shops in the coming three-four years with 1.6 million euros investment budget. The cafes will be opened both in shopping centers and sidewalk locations, some of them being already contracted.

According to Ghenea, Testa Rossa brand will be developed in Bucharest, and in the second half of 2010 he plans to expand the chain across the country. Testa Rossa development will be supported from own sources, which gives the owner the guarantee that it is very unlikely for the business to be affected by the financial crisis. Moreover, the new economic context will actually provide new development opportunities.

“Many players in the segment will probably face problems in 2009, and we don’t exclude the possibility of acquiring competitors that will fit to Testa Rossa concept”, said Ghenea.

Testa Rossa brand will be available in Romania through a franchise contract signed with the Austrian group Wedl. The Italian Coffee Concept company is 70% held by Marius Ghenea , and the rest of the shares are controlled by a local entrepreneur. The first Testa Rossa coffeehouse was opened in Liberty Mall Center in Bucharest, after 250,000 euros investment. The coffee shop covers 130 sqm and the it is estimated it will gear 500,000 euros sales in first year.

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