Despite the general trend of increasing expenses in the winter time, this year, the banks have relinquished their promotional offers on loan segment and will start focusing on deposits by raising interests.

The trend follows its normal path, after lending activity slowed down dramatically, on one hand because of the tougher access to external financing and on the other hand because of the restricted lending conditions enforced by National Bank of Romania (BNR), NewsIn informs.

Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) raised interests for saving products in lei and foreign currency by 3% up to 12.25% since November.

For the winter holidays, between December 2008 and January 15 2009, the two-month euro-currency deposit will have a promotional interest of 7% per year.

Within the same offer, the client will receive a 6% yearly yield for Maxicont sight deposit in case of the pack that encloses monetary fund units BCR Asset Management and 5% for classic Maxicont sight deposit.

Raiffeisen Bank has also increased yields for saving products, both for natural persons and for small and medium sized enterprises. The bank included “Top 3 interests deposits” promotion within its holiday offer, with interests of roughly 14.2% per year for three-month leu-currency deposit, 5% for euro deposit and 4% for US dollars-currency deposit.

Raiffeisen Bank has launched recently Access Plus saving account with 11% tax-free annual interest, and for clients who open salary account until December 31, the bank will pay a 5% bonus from the net value of the salary.

Raiffeisen Bank started a raffle between 10-31 December for Western Union money transfer, with 100 euros daily prizes and a weekly prize that consists in a set of home appliances.