Petrom lowers gas prices

Petrom company, controlled by Austrian-based gas station operator OMV has lowered the benchmark prices for gasoline by 5 bani and for diesel oil by 6 bani/liter, starting today, 12:00 hours, according to the briefing remitted by the company.

Thus, Premium non-leaded gasoline 95 will cost 2.78 lei/liter, Top Premium non-leaded gasoline 99+ will cost 3.11 lei/liter while OMV Carrera 95 and OMV Carrera 100 will cost 2.88 lei/liter and respectively 3.51 lei/liter.

The price for diesel oil was lowered by 6 bani/liter. Top Euro Diesel 4 will be 3.28 lei, OMV Sprint Diesel – 3.33 lei/liter, while Euro Diesel 4 will be priced at 3.20 lei/liter, and OMV Premium Diesel at 3.61 lei.

Prices at Petrom may vary by +/- 5% from the reference prices announced by the company. The company has previously dropped prices for diesel oil for the filling stations within its retail network by 6 bani/liter, on December 16.

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