Petition against Dambovita Center project

Rescue Bucharest Association (Asociatia Salvati Bucurestiul) sent a petition to General Mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu, motivating that “a megalomaniac project (Dambovita Center also known as Casa Radio) will be constructed on Dambovita river’s shore”.

Plaza Centers developer said it would pour nearly 1 billion euros in Dambovita Centers project, after it had already invested 120 billion euros in demolition works, in the construction of the slurry wall to stop the underground flow of Dambovita river into the project’s basement and to prepare the site for construction.

The representatives of the NGO say this project will be a disaster as the road traffic in the area is jammed, and the above-mentioned development will draw a high number of cars.

“The restricted green areas mentioned in the respective proposition and the cutoff of 800 trees will increase the heat and discomfort of the area”, said the petition to Sorin Oprescu.

Members of the NGO said there was already a commercial center (Orhideea) at 5-600 meters away from Dambovita Center and the construction of underground level in the proximity of Dambovita river bed will trigger the displacement of the groundwater for the entire adjacent area.

“Dambovita Center developer does not wish to comment upon NGO’s protests. We are a free country and any individual or organization has the right of opinion. Nevertheless, we will answer to any technical question regarding the project – we are experienced developers, we function in a legal framework and we have nothing to hide. We believe in our project and we are convinced that this is a step forward for Bucharest”, Plaza Centers’ representatives replied.

Dambovita Center will have a gross surface of 550,000 sqm, and will the construction will conduct in several stages: in a first stage, some 39,500 sqm will be completed, namelty residential and office spaces, and in the second stage, the 132,000 sqm shopping center, hotel and casino, all on 40,000 sqm surface, while the third stage will include a 28,000 sqm supermarket, and a 3,000-space parking.

The project will be developed by Plaza Centers company that holds 75% of Dambovita Center, the state handling 15% stake through National Company of Investment, and the rest is held by Tyrkish-based Kucuk.

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