Currency exchange rate exceeds 3.96lei/euro

The leu was quoted at 3.96lei against euro in Wednesday, after a 0.04 lei-depreciation during the session, following the same trend as Polish zloty and Turkish lira.

The national currency depreciated against euro in the first Wednesday’s trades, from nearly 3.95 to 3.92 lei/euro, after losing ground versus euro, following to reach 3.9630lei/euro quotation at the end of the day. At 17:20, the banks purchased euro at 3.9560 lei and sold at 3.9610 lei.

In the region, the Polish zloty slid to 4.1230/euro from 4.0425 while forint climbed to 264.8units/euro from 268.6. Turkish lira fell sharply to 2.2172 versus euro from 2.1435.

Leu slid by narrow margin against euro at the reference currency exchange rate reported by National Bank of Romania (BNR), down to 3.9372 lei/euro. Compared to US dollars, Wednesday’s currency rates highlight a major depreciation of the national currency, by roughly 0.10 lei (3.4%), down to 2.7887 lei/dollar, from Tuesday’s 2.8871lei/dollar rate.

On the international market, US currency slid to 1.4436 units/euro from 1.40, and at 17:20 (EUT), the single European currency was quoted at 1.4395 US dollars.

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