Oil Terminal Constant appoints Vasile Miu as the new CEO

Vasile Miu was appointed as chief executive officer of Oil Terminal Constanta, by the board of the company after the yesterday’s dismissal of its predecessor, Mihai Lupu, as a result of his election in the Deputy Chamber, NewsIn informs.

“The board has appointed Vasile Miu as the new chief executive officer of Oil Terminal Constanta, after having occupied the management position in the maintenance department of the company. Within the next General Meeting of Shareholders, scheduled for January 22, Vasile Miu will take over his new duties, or it will be named another CEO”, Mihai Lupu said earlier today.

He added that he resigned from both his ex-positions, namely managing director and chairman of the board, as they were incompatible with his statute as member of Parliament’s lower house.

Managing director of Oil Terminal Constanta, Mihai Lupu told NewsIn on November 10 that he would submit his dismissal in the coming week, as he had been elected PNL deputy member. Mihai Lupu is a member of National Liberal Party for 13 years and served as chief executive officer at Oil Terminal Constanta since April 20, 2005.

The company’s shareholder structure includes Authority for State Asset Recovery (AVAS) with 59.62% stake, Property Fund with 10%, Broadhurst Investment with 7.61% and the remaining 22.77% belong to other shareholders.

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