Hybrids account for nearly half of Lexusĺ car sales in Romania

Lexus premium brand sold over 170 units in January-November 2008, 16% more than a year earlier, with hybrids accounting for 45% of the cars delivered in the interval.

“Over 45% of Lexus total car sales until the end of November were hybrid drive trim levels. The company expects to end year with 185 cars sold, equivalent to 15% increase from a year ago”, said Lexus representatives.

In 2007, the hybrid cars sold by Lexus in Romania accounted for 33% of Lexus’ annual sales.

In case of diesel engine versions, respectively hybrid, GS 450h, RX 400h and LS 600h, the hybrid version topped the regular version in terms of sales.

The most popular trim hybrid level is RX 400h, the first hybrid SUV in the world. Within its array, the hybrid version accounted for over 70% of Lexus’ sales of this model.

“The fact that hybrid models accounted for nearly half of Lexus’ sales, emphasizes that in Romania, clients are starting to understand the main advantage offered by Lexus Hybrid Drive. We expect this percentage to increase, considering that the hybrid models are registration tax-deductible” said Anca Dumitrescu, Lexus Senior Brand Manager.

Apart from the hybrid array, the best sold Lexus model in Romania was IS.

The company will deliver in spring next year the new Lexus RX, RX 350 gas engine version and a hybrid version of RX 400h in summer.

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