Porsche Romania supplies Romanian Ministry of Economy and Finances with 60 cars

Porsche Romania and the former Ministry of Economy and Finances have concluded a 1.1 million euros agreement for the delivery of 60 cars.

The amount was jointly financed by Romanian authorities and European PHARE funds.

“The contract provided the supply of 60 sedan cars designed to the execution of oversight and control missions by mobile squads to oversee excise-based commodities operations and operators, as well as investigation, check-ups, surveillance and customs control” according to MEF’s announcement.

The vehicles will be delivered to National Authority of Customs (ANV), to Border Patrol Services within Duty and Sea Operations Supervisory Direction (DRAOV) Iasi, DRAOV Galati, DRAOV Constanta, DRAOV Cluj, DRAOV Craiova, DRAOV Timisoara, DRAOV Brasov, DRAOV Bucharest.

National Authority of Customs is subordinated by Ministry of Economy and Finances.

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