Russian-based natural gas company has sharply cut gas flow supplied to European consumer via Ukraine, which will trigger flare-ups in European countries ‘within a few hours’, said the spokesperson of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Valentin Zemlianski, quoted by AFP.

Update 2: Press release remitted by the Ministry of Economy reads that in these circumstances, SNTGN Transgaz took a set of strategic measures to promptly resolve the situation of crisis and to balance the National Gas Transportation System: has notified in terms with Bill 364/2007 regarding measures for securing natural gas supply, emergency meeting of coordination Commission to verify and to analyze the situation.

Furthermore, the ministry operated technical measures in the National Gas Transportation System in an effort to provide the required natural gas supplies for areas affected by import gas flow shutdown via Isaccea 2.

Update: Ministry of Economy announced this morning that Gazprom had completely halted gas supply in Isaccea 2 station, in Tulcea county. Therefore, the plant was shut down in order to avoid pressure release.

“Following the gas supply shutdown, it was necessary to completely halt activity of the natural gas import plant in order to avoid pressure release of transport pipeline. The natural gas input in this unit is 4.7 million cm/day”, reads the press release issued by the Ministry of Economy.

Russia said on Monday it would cut the gas flow supplied to Europe to Ukraine, whereas it promised it would supply its European clients via other streams.

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