Donau Chem Turnu Magurele slashes 700 jobs

Donau Chem Turnu Magurele chemical fertilizer plant said it would cut 763 jobs as of February 2009.
Leader of the trade union, Gabriel Dimancea said the termination notice was served on December 22, 2008, while on December 2; the board had remitted a termination notice for 860 workers. The difference of 97 workers is made up of employees who did not meet the requirements to receive the unemployment benefits. They were distributed to under-staffed plants for equipment maintenance.

The 763 jobless will benefit, under the provisions of the collective agreement, of a redundancy pay equivalent to four average after-tax salaries per unit, namely 3.600 lei, an average salary amounting to 900 lei. Donau Chem fertilizer production was shut down on November 15 due to skyrocketing gas tariffs. Based on a protocol sealed between the employer and trade union, the workers were the recipients of 75% share of their salaries plus seniority benefits and meal vouchers.

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